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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain technology?

Bitcoin blockchain developed by Satoshi Nakamoto was the first successful blockchain technology. 


Blockchain technology refers to a transparent, trustless, publicly accessible ledger that allows secure transfer of ownership of units of value using encryption and proof work or proof of stake methods.


The technology uses a decentralized consensus to maintain the network rather than a central bank, government, or corporation. As the network grows and becomes more decentralized it becomes more secure meaning there are multiple records on the blockchain and less failure points.


The potential for blockchain will migrate to off-chain, traditional companies and entities in financial services, e-commerce, media, the arts, charities, and nonprofits. Governments are adopting blockchain technology for security and central bank digital currencies (CBDC's).

What does my membership give me?

A diverse community of crypto beginners, advocates, and coaches sharing information and helping each other. A digital course and resources are available for self-paced progress. 2 times a week zoom calls. AMA - Ask me anything specific about learning and adoption strategies to build your confidence and help you get in the game of investing. Learn more here.

What results can I expect?

We do not guarantee any gains or results. Information and options shared are from experience and doing a fundamental analysis on current and prospective projects we are targeting or already invested in. 


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we share information that we have compiled and researched to help you get up to speed quickly. We support you in your journey and do require you to participate in calls, meetings, and opening accounts to begin your trading/investing. Refunds are allowed within your first 30 days. Read our refund policy here.


Do I need an investing background?

No. Having financial literacy is helpful as a foundation, but we include general financial concepts to help you build your confidence in a safe environment where we can all learn.


What are the membership options and prices?

We are focused on helping beginners of all levels. From young and just starting a portfolio to higher net worth who are looking to add this as a diversified asset class. Your investment range for help and membership is from $500-100,000. View Pricing and Plans here.

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